San Juan de Las Aguilas Castle (Aguilas - Murcia)

San Juan de Las Aguilas Castle (Aguilas)

The San Juan de Las Aguilas Castle was originated in the Carthaginian era. After the expulsion of the Arabs from the city, the castle was abandoned until 1530, when Charles I ordered it to be rebuilt for purposes of monitoring the area between Vera and Mazarron, which was seriously threatened by the incursions of Turkish and Algerian pirates.

Later, in the year 1579, under the mandate of Philip II, new works were carried out in the castle. Las Aguilas Tower was built in honor of Saint John the Baptist and became a fortress of great prestige thanks to its security.

The last remodelling was carried out in the 18th century under the command of Charles III. After the fortress was expanded, it became one of the best-fortified castles of the time.

Currently, there are very few remains of the past splendor of this fortress. However, in addition to enjoying this fortress, visitors can take in impressive panoramic views of the city of Aguilas.

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