Public transport

Public transport in Aguilas

The Aguilas railway station is connected to different destinations thanks to the Murcia train commuter. From here, it is possible to catch a train to Lorca and, from there, to Murcia. During the summer, a train connects Aguilas with Madrid and another connects the city with Barcelona.

Next to the Aguilas railway station is the bus station. From here, it is possible to travel regularly to different destinations, such as Lorca, Murcia, Cartagena, Madrid and Almeria. In the vicinity of the train and bus stations are several urban transport stops.

The municipality has different lines of urban buses. Some have special tours. Such is the case of Búho Bus, which operates on Friday and Saturday nights in summer, connecting the main leisure areas of the city. The regular lines operate with different schedules, depending on the routes they take. The first departure of most lines is between 7:30 and 7:45 in the morning, with the last at 11 at night.

The closest airport to Aguilas is Murcia Airport. In addition, as it is a maritime municipality, Aguilas has several ports, some for sports and others for fishing.