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Gastronomy in Aguilas

Dances, rites, masquerades and festivities are a worthy representation of the culture of the beautiful municipality of Aguilas.

However, this coastal site of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Gulf of Mazarron, owes its fame not only to its beaches and carnival but also to its rich cuisine, which has grown exponentially in recent years to become a culinary benchmark in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Such has been the rise of Aguilas cuisine that, curiously, if less than a decade ago Aguilas´s residents moved to other municipalities to enjoy the best dishes of Spanish cuisine, now it is the residents of surrounding areas who come to Aguilas in search of the extraordinary gastronomic variety that its bars and restaurants offer.

Aguilas and its ancestral cuisine

According to many gourmet experts and chefs of national and international renown, Aguilas gastronomy is one of the most suggestive in the region of Murcia, and for many reasons: because of the type of products used and, above all, because of the great chefs.
Its cuisine is ancestral, very extensive and with a great contrast of flavours based on the fruits of the sea and the orchard, taking advantage of the high quality of local products.

Any visitor who prides himself on being a gourmet interested in Spanish gastronomic heritage will find, in this coastal town, the opportunity to enjoy a cuisine with great personality. There is greater competition every day, which increases quality.
It is, without a doubt, a qualitative leap in gastronomy in Aguilas, always accompanied by the great work carried out by the hands of the friendly artisans in the main restaurants—people who have spent many years in the kitchen and who dominate perfection. This face is appreciated by the large number of diners who come to their tables.

Quality of the products

Aguilas cuisine is one of the best in the Iberian Peninsula due to the large number of quality restaurants.

Aguilas is the gastronomic destination par excellence in the region of Murcia. This, together with the splendid landscape surrounding it, makes it possible to understand how each year there are more and better culinary offerings.

Few places offer gastronomic tourism like that of the municipality of Aguilas. For this reason, in the coming years, the gastronomy of this place will continue to grow. There is no doubt that it will position itself as a gastronomic destination of reference with new concepts of cuisine, such as the specialty in rice dishes, or the new ideas that offer significant benefits to local bars and restaurants.

Future of the Aguilas gastronomic offer

The future of the Aguilas gastronomic offer is uncertain. However, the fact that several of the most renowned restaurants in the city of Murcia have expanded their business in Aguilas explains what has been happening in this coastal town for a long time. This augurs a magnificent future.