Weather forecast

The weather in Aguilas

Monday, 15th of April 17:00 20:00 23:00
Fair Fair Clear Clear Clear Clear
Temperature 20.3°C 19.7°C 18.1°C
Wind 12 Km/h 6 Km/h 7 Km/h
South South Southwest Southwest East East
Humidity 55% 59% 74%
Tuesday, 16th of April 2:00 5:00 8:00 11:00 14:00 17:00
Clear Clear Fair Fair Fair Fair Clear Clear Fair Fair Partly cloudy Partly cloudy
Temperature 17.2°C 16°C 16.1°C 19.4°C 20.9°C 21.2°C
Wind 3 Km/h 1 Km/h 2 Km/h 6 Km/h 14 Km/h 13 Km/h
Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northwest Northwest Southwest Southwest South South South South
Humidity 73% 72% 68% 52% 52% 52%
Wednesday, 17th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
20.6°C Cloudy 20.6°C 16.6°C 24 km/h
Northeast Northeast
66% Sunrise: 7:31
Sunset: 20:42
14:43 - 04:38 Moonrise: 14:43
Moonset: 04:38
Thursday, 18th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
19.1°C Cloudy 19.1°C 15.1°C 17 km/h
Southeast Southeast
66% Sunrise: 7:30
Sunset: 20:43
15:44 - 05:07 Moonrise: 15:44
Moonset: 05:07
Friday, 19th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
17.9°C Cloudy 17.9°C 15.9°C 27 km/h
Northeast Northeast
76% Sunrise: 7:28
Sunset: 20:44
16:42 - 05:31 Moonrise: 16:42
Moonset: 05:31
Saturday, 20th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
18.5°C Cloudy 18.5°C 10.5°C 34 km/h
Northeast Northeast
58% Sunrise: 7:27
Sunset: 20:45
17:40 - 05:53 Moonrise: 17:40
Moonset: 05:53
Sunday, 21st of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
20°C Cloudy 20°C 10.9°C 44 km/h
Northeast Northeast
55% Sunrise: 7:25
Sunset: 20:46
18:37 - 06:14 Moonrise: 18:37
Moonset: 06:14
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Aguilas is a town with great tourist attractions and is undoubtedly favoured for its varied climate throughout the year. The summers are very hot, with quite high temperatures between 20°C and approximately 31°C. Generally, when summer approaches, Aguilas has clear and very sunny days. This is the period with the highest humidity of the year, with a low percentage of rainfall and light winds from the southeast that can reach 14 km/h.

The coolest weather in Aguilas lasts approximately four months. This period usually begins in the middle of September and generally ends in March. Within this period of time, the temperature is between 7°C and 19°C, fluctuating throughout the days.

The average rainfall is 265 mm per year, with July generally being the month with the lowest rainfall and October being the month with the highest rainfall.