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Almadenes Canyon

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Almadenes Canyon (Cieza - Murcia)
Spain is a country with many hidden treasures and the region of Murcia is no exception. Located here is Almadenes Canyon, between Cieza and Calasparra. It is one of the most charming sites in the region due to its prehistoric caves. It is also a wonderful destination for lovers of adventure sports.

Almadenes Canyon is also known as the small great canyon of Murcia, as it is approximately 116 hectares is size. The Segura river is the protagonist of this rocky attraction, as its waters flow through ancient fractures, contributing to this enchanting creation of nature.

Adventure sports here take adrenaline to the limit, as at some points it reaches 150 meters Deep. Without a doubt, this will dazzle all the senses of the tourists who visit the region of Murcia.

Prehistory in Almadenes Canyon

This canyon has not only been awarded by nature, but also by history, as cave paintings can be seen in its rocky structures. On the right border, very close to the Segura river, is a painting recognized as being from the Eneolithic era. There are also those from the bronze age, such as the Ibero-Romans.

For this reason, two of its caves – La Serreta Cave and Los Monigotes Cave – have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

What to do in Almadenes Canyon

One of the most popular activities in this canyon is hiking. The most popular route is to walk along the entire right bank, leaving Salto de Almadenes until one reaches Mulata Dam. It is a route of 8 kilometres through protected natural spaces and up to 600 meters of slopes, which will leave you with your heart in your mouth from so much adrenaline. In addition, you can appreciate La Serreta Cave, bridges, springs and the incredible view of the canyon that accompanies the entire route.

Hiking fans will simply fall in love.
Another outstanding activity is kayaking down the Segura river through Almadenes Canyon, on a route suitable for both adults and children, though always with a guide.
Climbing is also part of the adventure, as the canyon is home to the only official climbing route in the entire region of Murcia. The route is very safe and not difficult. Your reward when you reach the top is an incredible view of the entire canyon.


Everyday practices that seek to care for the environment have increased in prominence. In Murcia, one of the places that contribute to the preservation of endangered species is Almadenes Canyon. In 1992, it was declared a protected area for being home to many cute animals such as otters.

It is also the home of many birds, such as the Bonelli's eagle, which is in danger of extinction. For this reason, the canyon closes part of its paths in certain seasons so that these birds can carry out their breeding and nesting phases. It is also an important breeding ground for bats and river birds.

Undoubtedly, Almadenes Canyon is not only a place of natural beauty, but also a gift for lovers of ornithology, adrenaline and adventure sports. If you visit the region of Murcia, this small great canyon must be one of your priorities.
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