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The encañizadas of the Mar Menor

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Ideal for an amateur or professional fisherman, or simply for the curious who want to know more about the ecological fishing world, are the encañizadas of the Mar Menor.

The technique of fishing with weirs consists of the formation of circular labyrinths made with rods and nets, with the aim that the fish enter naturally and then do not find the exit. With this system, it is possible to acquire a large number of fish.

This method works because there are migration seasons for several species of fish from the Mediterranean to the coastal lagoons. Among the most frequently caught species are gilt-head bream and flathead grey mullet, as well as others in smaller quantities such as sand steenbras and common sole.

Where are the encañizadas of the Mar Menor?

The “encañizada de la torre”, located on the edge of the natural area of Las Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar, is the only encañizada in Spain. However, in the Mediterranean Sea, there are others, such as those of Lake Bardawil, on the coast of Egypt.

This system is selective with the species and the results are favourable, as evidenced by the ability to count a high number of specimens.
These techniques are very old, having been implemented in the Mar Menor by the Arabs in the Middle Ages, and being considered one of the most used resources in past times.
It should be noted that the only one that is still installed in the western area of the Mediterranean Sea, the “encañizada de la torre”, is located in one of the “golas” (water inlets/outlets) of the Mar Menor, belonging to the municipality of San Javier and being in operation since 1995.

Benefits of the encañizadas

The landscapes created because of the encañizadas are incredible due to their high natural and ecological value. They show how man can work without harming nature – a widely desired fact given the great impact generated on the planet in recent times.

This method allows the species to be captured alive and to be relaxed, that is, without the use of pollutants that harm them. This protects both the waters and the fish without causing secondary effects that slow down the development of the species.

If you have the opportunity to visit the encañizadas of the Mar Menor, you will find a relaxed atmosphere, with clean natural landscapes, cared for and protected by all those who work or live in that environment. In addition, many migratory wild birds are seen because of the intermediate lagoons, in which they like to rest and create a beautiful and relaxing view, ideal for photographs.

It should be noted that these types of places are not suitable for swimming or bathing. However, nearby you will find a beach that you can enjoy with your family or friends.
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