Aqueduct of the Arch (Albudeite - Murcia)

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Aqueduct of the Arch

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Aqueduct of the Arch (Albudeite - Murcia)
Historically, this is the most important in the municipality of Albudeite.

It was built manually in 1926 to protect the natural channel formed by rainwater.

Its arch shape was built in a traditional way with walls covered in various materials. Its central part shows more scope than that of the sides, presenting itself majestically.
This hydraulic infrastructure, together with the ditches and norias near it, provides water to the municipality, with the exception that it reaches the highest areas favouring orchards to obtain the maximum benefit from agricultural crops.

Our Lady of Remedies Church

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Our Lady of Remedies Church (Albudeite - Murcia)
This is a Baroque-style basilica whose construction is presumed to have begun in the 16th century, extending until the 20th century. Its construction was carried out on the grounds of an old mosque and it has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

Inside, valuable religious representations are stored, made of carved wood, such as the Virgin of Our Lady of Remedies, from the 17th century, as well as a Jesus of Nazarene from the same century.
In the interior part, we find a spiral staircase without a central axis, as well as some old graffiti, which received provisional repairs in 1893.

It is a simple basilica with a gabled roof, covered by a reinforced half-barrel vault, a technique that would be used in the absence of wood. It also has polychrome platforms and altarpieces and is a very important institution for the town because, there, they celebrate their festivities on the last Sunday of August in honour of Our Lady of Remedies.

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