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Routes & Trails in the Rio Mula region

Rio Mula is a Murcian region of just over 24,000 inhabitants, made up of the municipalities of Campos del Rio, Albudeite, Mula and Pliego. For centuries, it has been an important geostrategic point due to its immense natural wealth. This is manifested in its abundant trails and routes.

Among the most interesting is the Umbría de Sierra Espuña Trail, which is just over 17 kilometres long and offers an interesting circular route along the "Hoya del Apuchí", the "Piedra del Almirez" and the "Hoya de la Sabina". Here, hikers can admire the incredible landscapes and rugged areas of the mountains. La Cañada del Pino is a circular route of just over 5 kilometres that is easy to navigate and offers spectacular views of the nearby mountain ranges, especially the Sierra Espuña and the Sierra del Molino.

The Sierra Manzanete is a circular route of moderate difficulty, located in Pliego. It is just over 13 kilometres long and crosses several mountains, thereby offering a panoramic view of mountains, forests, arid areas, fruit trees and interesting slopes.

In addition to these routes, the Rio Mula region offers a spectacular network of trails located inside the Sierra Espuña Regional Park. These include the El Berro Trail, the 7 Brothers Trail, the Purgatory Trail, the Alquerías Trail and the La Santa Trail, among others, all of them full of natural beauty.

Umbría de Sierra Espuña

PR-MU 78
Distance: 17.2 km
Type: Circular way



La Cañada del Pino

PR-MU 89
Distance: 5.2 km
Type: Circular way


Mula river Connection

PR-MU 31.1
Distance: 3.2 km
Type: Linear


Sierra Manzanete

Distance: 13.1 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Circular way


Sierra Espuña Trail Network

Several routes