Ethnographic Centre (Puerto Lumbreras - Murcia)

Ethnographic Centre (Puerto Lumbreras)

This museum is inside the “Casa del Cura” and has permanent exhibitions on the agricultural and livestock traditions of the municipality and the entire region throughout its history. There are various audiovisual exhibitions and also collections of old tools and typical agricultural and livestock equipment.

The “Casa del Cura” was an emblematic building of Puerto Lumbreras, built in the 18th century by Don Juan Arcas. Currently, this manor house, which has more than 1,300 square meters, is part of the regional architectural heritage.

The ethnographic centre was built in a building annexed to the “Casa del Cura”, where the ancient inhabitants kept their farm implements. On this old farm, it is possible to not only visit the museum but also enjoy its green spaces, which were masterfully renovated.

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