Festivals in Puerto Lumbreras


October Festival


They are celebrated during the first week of October in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary. The big day is October 7.

Holy Week


During Holy Week in Puerto Lumbreras, there are three brotherhoods in procession. The “cante de Saetas” celebrated on Good Friday stands out.

Baile de la Reina


On a Saturday in September, one of the most emblematic events of the town is celebrated: the election of the Queen of the Festivities.

It is a dream night for the town and is lived with great emotion.

Other festivals

Gastronomic Days - Held during the month of February.

Explum - This is an International Contemporary Art Contest that is held annually, since 2004, during the month of March.

Cultural Nogalte - This is an extensive cultural program that takes place in different public spaces in Puerto Lumbreras during the month of July.

Folklore Festival - Held annually as part of the Nogalte Cultural program during the month of July.