Cabezo de la Jara (Puerto Lumbreras - Murcia)

What to do in Puerto Lumbreras

The town of Puerto Lumbreras is located about 90 kilometres from the capital of Murcia. The area is of very important ecological value, as it has typical Mediterranean forest vegetation, holm oak groves and ancient oaks. Among the fauna, species such as the eagle owl, some birds of prey and the spur-thighed tortoise stand out.

Puerto Lumbreras is a destination of a virgin nature, a place worth contemplating and enjoying. Among the many things one can do in Puerto Lumbreras, a highlight is visiting the cave houses of Cerro del Castellar, where you can see the groups of troglodyte dwellings and imagine what life was like in those constructions.

For lovers of nature and freedom, it is essential to visit Cabezo de la Jara Natural Park. In this green corner, the visitor can plunge into a mixture of boulevards and wooded and sub-arid areas, take walks under holm oaks and pine forests, and breathe fresh air and peace. In addition, at the Nature Interpretation Centre, located in the youth hostel, you can access information about the area and all the excursions offered.

In Cabezo de la Jara there is also the Astronomical Observatory. In this emblematic place, light pollution is almost zero, so enjoying the sky and its stars is ideal. Onsite, you can also learn about the fundamentals of astronomy and much more.

If you want to learn about the past of the municipality, you cannot miss a walk through the Nogalte Castle, a structure with seven towers from the Islamic medieval period that was built between the 12th and 13th centuries. From this building, the landscape that can be seen is unmatched in beauty. The historic centre has countless buildings of cultural, architectural and historical importance. One of them is the House of the Goblins, a bourgeois dwelling from the 19th century. Continuing with the story, one can visit the Augusto Vels Graphology Room, a mini-museum located on the first floor of the House of the Goblins. The place is a tribute to Augusto Vels, who was an important figure in graphological science.
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