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Routes & Trails in Puerto Lumbreras

Puerto Lumbreras is a small town in the region of Murcia that has an immense history dating back to prehistoric times. It has a wealth of heritage, as shown by the many relics and artefacts found along the "Rambla de Nogalte", where this population is located.

After the Reconquest, Puerto Lumbreras maintained a very small population that increased little by little from the 17th century until it managed to establish itself as a municipality at the end of the 1950s.

Currently, Puerto Lumbreras has undertaken an important effort to restore its historical and archaeological heritage and empower itself as a new pole of tourist development. Thanks to these efforts, Puerto Lumbreras can offer hikers and athletes a series of excursions throughout the town and its surroundings, with an eye towards attracting ecotourists.

These routes and trails focus on the town's most interesting places, such as its medieval castle and an interesting astronomical and botanical route. In addition, it offers a series of trails designed for walking or mountain biking, with distances between 2 and 14 kilometres. These can vary in difficulty from low to high depending on the slope along the "Rambla de Nogalte".

Among the most popular routes are the Puerto Lumbreras Trail (of easy difficulty, about 4 linear kilometres in length) and the Cabezo de la Jara Trail (almost 20 kilometres, of moderate difficulty), where hikers can admire the archaeological ruins, the natural beauty of the hill and the spectacular panoramic views offered by the highest points.

Puerto Lumbreras Trail

Distance: 4.2 km
Difficulty: Easy
Type: Linear


Cabezo de la Jara Trail

Distance: 19.2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Circular way


Excursions in Puerto Lumbreras

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