Cabezo de la Jara (Puerto Lumbreras - Murcia)

Cabezo de la Jara (Puerto Lumbreras)

This is located 7 kilometres west of the town of Puerto Lumbreras.

The evidence found in several archaeological sites reveals that it was a strategic zone of passage between the south and the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. For this reason, during the Middle Ages, Muslims and Christians fought many times to seize the Cabezo de la Jara.

Because it was a border area and close to the fortresses of Nogalte and Lorca, those who inhabited it suffered from constant insecurity, which caused the district to be depopulated for some period. This situation was reversed during the 17th century. The Cabezo de la Jara was part of the Lorca City Council from ancient times until the 20th century, when it came to belong to the municipality of Puerto Lumbreras.

The highest peak of the Cabezo de la Jara is 1,247 meters high. Its gentle hills offer an amazing view of the entire mountain range for those who decide to climb it. It does not have great vegetation, except for the Mediterranean holm oak redoubts. As for fauna, the highlight is its protected areas, where black tortoises and royal owls live. Less frequently, it is possible to see Bonelli's eagles and goldfinches.

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