Old Town Hall (Mazarron - Murcia)

Old Town Hall (Mazarron)

This late 19th-century building, with its distinctive white marble staircase, was built to function as the municipal premises of the Town Hall.

Its construction began in 1889 by the architect Francisco Rodenas and then continued in 1891 by the architect Francisco de Paula Oliver Rolandi.

The building has three floors and a basement that was initially dedicated to the cells and was later used as a municipal warehouse. From the bottom up, we find the ground floor that was used by the local police; then the first floor, which houses the prominent Plenary Hall and the mayor's office; and finally, the second floor and the smallest of all, which was designated for the Post and Telegraph Office and the house of the concierge.

One of the attractions with the greatest artistic wealth that can be found here is the Plenary Hall, with its walls covered with the most exotic wallpapers and its coffered ceiling formed by small vaults. From the outside of the building, at first glance, a main facade covered with exposed brick and crowned by a modernist pavilion with a zinc roof is imposed.

In 2001, the establishment was evicted and closed due to the structural damage that the property was dealing with. After years of planning and restructuring works, its doors were once again opened as a cultural and exhibition space in 2008.

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