Gastronomy in Mazarron

From a gastronomic point of view, Mazarron's cuisine is based on products from the garden and the sea, including its exquisite tomatoes and salted fish, whether roe, “mojamas” and tuna. The latter are essential ingredients of its cuisine.

It is noteworthy that Mazarron has the largest tomato crop in the entire region of Murcia. This crop is widely recognized for its quality and is exported mainly to the United Kingdom. In fact, 60% of the tomatoes consumed in the region of Murcia come from Mazarron.

This tomato is so delicious that a main aspect of the appeal of its gastronomy is dishes that use this vegetable, such as the Murcian salad or the delicious Murcian “mojete.”

Charm of its gastronomy

Among the main dishes that you should try on your visit to Mazarron are:

Noodles with tuna

The noodles accompanied with tuna are really delicious and are in high demand among enthusiasts of the flavour of Mazarron cuisine. It is an extremely simple and quick dish to prepare and cook, made from the most popular fish in this area of the Spanish coast.
Arroz con bogavante en paellera 

Rice with European lobster

This is, without a doubt, the flagship dish of Mazarron gastronomy. It is a delicious dish made with the products of this land. From the sea, the European lobster; from Calasparra, the rice; and from Mazarron, the other ingredients, such as red tomato, onion and paprika.

Cazuela empaná

The famous and delicious “Cazuela empaná” is another of the typical dishes of the region of Murcia, whose base is centred on the so-called starling fish, to which mackerel belong. The dish is seasoned with Mazarron tomatoes, onion, pepper, bay leaf, parsley and paprika.


The succulent “talvina” is a dish made with fish broth, very similar to the Mar Menor cauldron but swapping the rice for corn flour. As a second course, the fish used for the broth is served.

Lecha a la espalda

The “lecha” is another of the varieties of fish typical of this Murcian population, originating mainly from the Bay of Mazarron.

This type of white meat fish is the fundamental basis for different versions of typical dishes, with the “lecha a la espalda” being the most popular of all. It is cooked in the oven and then sprinkled with a garlic and paprika sauce.

Grouper to the mazarronera

Grouper is an exquisite fish and, in its Mazarron version, it is preferably cooked in the oven accompanied by potatoes, peppers and tomatoes, all of which are profusely seasoned with spices and sprinkled with pine nuts and olive oil.


The famous “Encebollado of Mazarron” is prepared with salted cod, onions, “ñoras”, black olives, vinegar and new potatoes.

The tuna is captured in the “Almadraba de la Azohía”, between March and August. This dish is seasoned with a sauce of tomato, pepper, minced garlic, parsley and a bay leaf.

Salted fish

Salted fish has been very popular in the region of Murcia since the time of the Roman occupation of the territory. This is how, for more than 20 centuries, fish has been cured in salt and aired.

Of all the types of fish, tuna is the most requested and popular but frigate tuna and even codfish are also usually salted. The roe of any fish is extremely delicious, especially those of frigate tuna.

Migas a la Mazarronera

To prepare the succulent “migas a la Mazarronera”, place a little oil in a frying pan and add and fry the garlic. Next, half of the oil is set aside and bread is added, stirring constantly, with the rest of the oil added as needed.

Subsequently, the whole garlic is put in a frying pan together with the bacon and the sausage, which are cut into pieces and added to the “migas”, then left until they are finished cooking.

These are not all the delicious dishes that one can taste during a visit to Mazarron. There are also delicious dishes such as monkfish or grouper “a la Mazarronera”, the “ajotomate”, hake meatballs and the delicious sardine “moragas”.