Molinete Tower (Mazarron - Murcia)

Molinete Tower (Mazarron)

Also called the Catholic Monarchs Tower, this old circular construction stands on a small hill near the Castle of Los Velez. It was built in 1490 by order of the Catholic monarchs as a defensive measure against constant pirate attacks.

Its name of Molinete Tower is due to its great resemblance to the windmills that abounded in the region. Thanks to its favoured location on top of the hill, the tower has a privileged view of its surroundings and especially of the other watchtowers that occupied the first line of the coast. Thus, it served as a key point in the defence of the city.

Inside, it had a single vault and its dimensions were quite small, as it was expressly intended as a guard post. Currently, due to its great deterioration and lack of maintenance, the tower is not enabled for interior visits.

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