Saint Bartholomew Church (Beniel - Murcia)

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Saint Bartholomew Church

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Saint Bartholomew Church (Beniel - Murcia)
This 18th-century church, in the Baroque style, was one of those that suffered the most during the Spanish Civil War. However, its structure withstood the bombings quite well.

That this church is still standing speaks to the enormous effort of the neighbours to build and sustain it from the beginning, as shortly after its construction was finished, it suffered significant damage due to a problem with its foundations, which did not withstand the pressure that the vault placed on the buttresses.
In the Civil War, it almost completely lost all its ornamental elements, which were rebuilt during the 1940s. Its last restoration was in 1999.

Landmarks of the Kingdom

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Landmarks of the Kingdom (Beniel - Murcia)
These are monoliths carved on limestone with a pyramidal shape. They were built in 1304 to mark the border between the crowns of Aragon and Castile.

Commonly, they are referred to as “The Pinocchios” and nowadays are used to delimit the border between the province of Murcia and Alicante.

The originals were replaced in the 18th century. Unfortunately, in the 1980s they were restored without respecting the original materials.

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