Gastronomy in the Huerta de Murcia region

The variety of gastronomy in the Huerta de Murcia region is due to the combination of traditional recipes with dishes from other areas of Murcia, in addition to the Arab influence.

This region is made up of a valley that crosses the Segura river. It comprises four municipalities, with the municipality of Murcia being the one with the largest population and the main one, as it is the municipality-city-capital of the autonomous community of the Region of Murcia.

Rich and varied gastronomy

In terms of gastronomy, the region offers dishes from other regions, with influences including La Mancha, Valencian, and Andalusian cuisine, and even dishes from other countries. This is why the gastronomy of the Huerta de Murcia region is a sign of cultural syncretism.

Its main dishes, accompaniments, desserts, and sweets, as well as the meats, legumes, vegetables, and fruits that are used for its preparation, express the meeting of past and present cultures that make the Huerta de Murcia an interesting place to visit.

The interesting thing about the city of Murcia is that even though it has been established over the years as the urban and institutional centre of the province, the presence of its own traditional dishes is maintained and cultivated, as are those of other regions.

Traditional dishes

This is why, in the most traditional food places, there are dumplings and meat pies, while in the winter period there is no shortage of “Michirones” (bean stew, chorizo, ham, and spices).

However, one can identify some dishes that have been incorporated and represent the gastronomy of the Huerta de Murcia region. Among them are the “Caldero del Mar Menor”, a typical broth rice from Murcia. It is a seafood dish that fishermen prepared and ate with the following ingredients: rockfish, rice, and ñoras.

El “Zarangollo” is another recipe that is widely recognized in other regions of Murcia and that is in high demand in the Huerta de Murcia. It has, among its ingredients, eggs, zucchini, and onion, although in many cases it also includes eggplants or potatoes, seasoned with spices and aromatic herbs.
Marinera Tapa (Murcia - Spain) 
Another dish that is distinguished as typical of the gastronomy of the region of Huerta de Murcia and that cannot fail to be tried is the “Marinero”. It incorporates details that give it a very good presentation. It is a base of flour donuts covered with olives, tuna, and potatoes. Once the salad is spread, put some anchovies on top.

When you have only the donut and a small salad, it is called “Bicicleta”.
Murcian meatloaf is one of the most iconic and desired dishes in the area. It is a puff pastry cake with a filling made up of a mixture of veal, chorizo, ham, eggs, bacon, peppers, and different spices.

Another unique and exquisite dish is the baked octopus whose ingredients are, in addition to the octopus, the juice of two lemons and water, seasoned with salt to taste. Before going into the oven, it is boiled for 30 minutes, browning with care that it is tender inside.

Among the desserts of the gastronomy of the region of Huerta de Murcia, the “Paparajotes”, a highly appreciated and typical sweet of the Murcia province whose origin is Arab, cannot be left out. Very simple and smooth in flavour, it revives the tradition of the lemon trees of Murcia. It is prepared by coating lemon leaves with a mixture of flour, sugar, and eggs. They are fried, then coated with sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon. It is a typical and highly demanded dessert when the spring holidays are celebrated.