Murcia Cathedral

What to do in the Huerta de Murcia region

This region, watered by the Segura river, has spectacular landscapes, very good gastronomy, places for hiking and many monuments as old as they are beautiful – all this just a few kilometres from the city of Murcia.

If you want a privileged view of the region and the city of Murcia, there’s nothing better than a visit to the Castle of Monteagudo, a fortress almost a thousand years old, whose 150 m height makes it dominate the entire Huerta de Murcia region. It is also worth visiting the Jerónimos Monastery, built in 1702 and currently the headquarters of the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia. Another place you can visit is the Palmeral of Santiago and Zaraiche where, in addition to palm trees, you will find other types of trees and flowers, which you can observe while travelling the trails that have been opened in the park.

The La Huerta de Murcia region has become the site of choice for Murcians who enjoy cycling, as many cycling routes have been developed in the area.
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