Virgin of the Fuensanta (Murcia)

Festivals in the Huerta de Murcia region




May Festival. The most outstanding festival of the town is the Patroness Saint Festivities, which are held in honour of Our Lady of Health of Alcantarilla. They are known as the May Festival or the Witch Festival and take place in the second week of May. These festivities are declared of Regional Tourist Interest.   Video

Holy Week. Holy Week in Alcantarilla has been declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.


The Candelaria. In Beniel, the Festival of the Candelaria has been celebrated every February 2, with great solemnity, since the 18th century.   Video

Holy Week. This is celebrated in March-April (variable date).   Video

Saint Isidore the Farmer. The Festival of Saint Isidore the Farmer has been celebrated in Beniel since 1952. It is celebrated with a pilgrimage on the Sunday following May 15.

Festival of Saint Bartholomew. The Patron Saint Festivities of Beniel, or Beniel Fair, have their origin in the 18th century.

Virgin of the Rosary. Around October 7, Beniel celebrates the festival of the Virgin of the Rosary with a solemn procession and a fireworks display, in a tradition dating back to the 18th century.


Holy Week. Twelve brotherhoods process through the old town of Santomera in a festival full of faith, tradition and culture. It is celebrated in March-April (variable date).

Moors and Christians. These colourful festivities, which are celebrated at the end of June, have been declared of Regional Tourist Interest.

The Bando de la Huerta. This is celebrated on the Saturday afternoon immediately before October 7 and is part of the festival of the Virgin of the Rosary.

Virgin of the Rosary. The Patroness Saint Festival in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary (October 7) has been celebrated in Santomera since at least the beginning of the 17th century.