Archaeological Museum (Cartagena)

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This museum is in charge of the acquisition, study, conservation, and subsequent exhibition of the archaeological objects belonging to the municipality of Cartagena.

It was founded in 1943 and brought together the collections that were in the power of the city since the 16th and 17th centuries. The museum had different locations until 1982, when its current building was inaugurated on Ramón y Cajal Street.

In it, pieces from the Palaeolithic period to contemporary times are exhibited. These include the Roman mining section, with various tools and utensils, and the ceramic production section.

The exhibition of the pieces is for educational purposes. The exhibited pieces are catalogued and divided according to chronological order on the first floor. They are situated in monographic order on the second floor, on sites, and in other exhibitions. In the centre, the structure of the necropolis is located as the main site, and it can be seen from all points of the route.

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