Weather forecast

The weather in Cartagena

Sunday, 16th of June 13:00 16:00 19:00 22:00
Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Clear Clear
Temperature 26°C 26.4°C 24.7°C 22.8°C
Wind 14 Km/h 17 Km/h 10 Km/h 5 Km/h
Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast East East
Humidity 55% 55% 61% 72%
Monday, 17th of June 1:00 4:00 7:00 10:00 13:00
Clear Clear Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Mostly cloudy Mostly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy
Temperature 21.5°C 20.4°C 19.8°C 22.3°C 24.9°C
Wind 4 Km/h 1 Km/h 6 Km/h 7 Km/h 11 Km/h
Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northwest Northwest East East Southeast Southeast
Humidity 82% 85% 85% 71% 59%
Tuesday, 18th of June High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
25°C Partly cloudy 25°C 18.9°C 16 km/h
South South
69% Sunrise: 6:42
Sunset: 21:27
18:14 - 03:48 Moonrise: 18:14
Moonset: 03:48
Wednesday, 19th of June High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
27°C Mostly cloudy 27°C 19.7°C 13 km/h
Southeast Southeast
63% Sunrise: 6:42
Sunset: 21:28
19:20 - 04:18 Moonrise: 19:20
Moonset: 04:18
Thursday, 20th of June High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
24.6°C Mostly cloudy 24.6°C 21.6°C 24 km/h
Southwest Southwest
61% Sunrise: 6:42
Sunset: 21:28
20:27 - 04:54 Moonrise: 20:27
Moonset: 04:54
Friday, 21st of June High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
29.1°C Clear 29.1°C 20.7°C 21 km/h
East East
55% Sunrise: 6:42
Sunset: 21:28
21:32 - 05:40 Moonrise: 21:32
Moonset: 05:40
Saturday, 22nd of June High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
29°C Partly cloudy 29°C 23.4°C 20 km/h
Southwest Southwest
59% Sunrise: 6:43
Sunset: 21:29
22:29 - 06:35 Moonrise: 22:29
Moonset: 06:35
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Cartagena offers mild winters with average temperatures of around 6°C, rarely dropping below 2°C. Summers in Cartagena tend to reach 31°C and are commonly clear and arid.

The cloudiness varies according to the season. At certain times of the year, the sky is covered - generally between September and June, which are the months of the year with the highest incidence of rain. The humidity in Cartagena varies throughout the year, generally reaching its peak in August, when it can reach 82%. The strongest winds are generally felt in April, with gusts that can exceed 15 km/h.

The water temperature at the hottest time of the year is usually around 23ºC, and can even reach 26ºC. During the coldest time, during the winter, the water temperature is below 17°C, and can even reach 13ºC.