Cabo Tiñoso (Cartagena - Murcia)

Cabo Tiñoso

The Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso, and Roldan is a natural space located towards the west side of Cartagena, reaching as far as the Mazarron bay.

This area of southeastern Spain has enormous environmental relevance and has been classified as a Site of Community Importance (SCI). Likewise, the Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso, and Roldan was named a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA). For all these reasons, this place is protected and cared for by Murcia's legislative ordinances.

In addition, this natural space contains approximately 11,000 hectares, encompassing in the west direction almost all the mountain ranges of the Cartagena coastline.

Regional park extension

It begins along the path through Roldan Mount and continues through the Roldan Viewpoint. The center of the park is in the village of Galifa. As one follows the path, the beautiful Betic reliefs appear, characteristic of the Sierra de la Muela. Then, it continues to spread through Cabo Tiñoso and, later, the Peñas Blancas.

After the Peñas Blancas, this natural space continues through an area with farmhouses, beaches, places to stay, and various trails for tourism. This site is known as the Campillo de Adentro. Later, the park continues for a population of the Perin deputation called La Azohia. Finally, the regional park ends in the municipality of Mazarron.


In the Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso, and Roldan, one can see a wide ecological variety.
In the mountains, rosemary, Aleppo pines, wild olive trees, and small bushes interspersed with holm oaks stand out, among other and varied vegetation. Crassifolia plants are also frequent, as they are highly capable of subsisting in very dry environments.

On the other hand, on the slopes that are close to the sea within Cabo Tiñoso, one can find plants characteristic of the bio-climatic infra-Mediterranean soil; they can withstand major droughts. Within this vegetation, esparto grass, Mediterranean dwarf palm, common juniper, and rosemary stand out.
There are certain areas, rich in humidity, that generate the possibility of more demanding botanical species, such as the terebinth, the strawberry tree, the Astragalus lusitanicus, and the Balearic boxwood.


In the Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso, and Roldan, different species coexist that are at risk of extinction. Thus, their protection is a priority. An example is the Greek tortoise and the horseshoe bat.

As one walks through the park, it is common to encounter the classic chameleon, as well as boars, rabbits, martens, genets, foxes, and badgers.

The variety of birds is enormous. To name a few, one can find curlews, falcons, red crossbills, eagles of various species, and lesser whitethroat.

It is important to note that Cabo Tiñoso has an important marine reserve. This is a very valuable place that should not be missed. Apart from that, it is an optimal space for the protection of the marine world.