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Routes & Trails in Cartagena

With a population exceeding 200,000, Cartagena is the second most important city in the region of Murcia. Since its founding in 227 by Hasdrubal, the famous Carthaginian general, the city has become an important geostrategic point, especially for its countless routes and trails, which are currently its greatest ecotourism attraction.

The natural wealth surrounding Cartagena can be seen in its spectacular routes and trails, many of which are ideal for both professional and amateur athletes due to their varying levels of difficulty.

Among the many existing routes and trails, the Calblanque Regional Park route network stands out. It exceeds 2,800 hectares and is characterized by linear paths of medium-low difficulty, where visitors can enjoy the spectacular landscapes full of pine forests.

The La Muela and Cabo Tiñoso Trail is a 6-kilometre circular stretch with a gradient of up to 450 meters and medium difficulty. It is ideal for those who want to admire a natural environment of great ecological beauty. The Agua de Perín Paths also present medium difficulty but are more demanding due to their distance of almost 20 kilometres and slightly steeper slope. Here, hikers can discover the old water routes that supplied the city through interesting rural roads.

Another network of routes and trails with enormous ecotourism appeal is that of the Mar Menor and Calblanque, which crosses the southern area of Calblanque, one of the areas with the greatest natural wealth in the region of Murcia.

There are other routes and trails where tourists and explorers can discover monumental sites of great heritage and natural value, such as the Castillo Atalaya circular route and the Santa Bárbara Path.

Calblanque Park

Several routes


La Muela y Cabo Tiñoso

Distance: 6 km
Type: Circular way
Difficulty: Medium


Agua de Perín Path

PR-MU 115
Distance: 10.2 km / 19.8 km
Type: Circular way


Galifa - La Muela

PR-MU 116
Distance: 12 km
Type: Circular way


Santa Bárbara Path

PR-MU 106
Distance: 12.2 km
Type: Circular way


Tallante Path

PR-MU 107
Distance: 10 km
Type: Circular way


Los Belones - Cala Reona

PR 1
Distance: 10 km / 9 km
Type: Linear / Circular way


Los Belones - Atamaría

PR 2
Distance: 6.5 km
Type: Linear


Portmán - El Llano del Beal

PR 4
Distance: 6.5 km
Type: Linear


Cartagena - Castillo Atalaya

PR 7
Distance: 5.5 km
Type: Circular way


Portús Beach - La Azohía

PR 9
Distance: 10 km / 12 km
Type: Linear


Cuestas del Cedacero - Peñas Blancas

PR 12
Duration: 3-4 hours
Type: Circular way


Isla Plana - Tallante

PR 15
Distance: 10 km
Type: Linear


Mar Menor y Calblanque Trails

Several routes


Portus Beach - La Azohía

Distance: 7.8 km
Type: Circular way


Monte de las Cenizas Viewpoint

Distance: 3 km
Type: Linear