Tower of Saint James (Totana - Murcia)

Tower of Saint James (Totana)

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The Tower of Saint James was built between 1606 and 1608. The purpose of the tower was to house the bell and the clock to summon the neighbours to Mass. However, it also had many other functions, such as alerting the neighbours to the Muslim presence, marking the batches of water and indicating the beginning and end of working hours.

It is a three-story building, covered with exposed brick and built next to the Church of Saint James. On the top floor, where the bell tower is located, it has two arches on each side. Also, at the top, there is a cornice on which the battlements and merlons, characteristic of 19th-century architecture, rise.

The tower was refurbished in 2007 and a museum has been operating since 2016. There, it is possible to learn more about its construction and some details of the history of this more than 400-year-old building.

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