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Our Lady of the Rosary Church

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Construction of the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary began at the end of the 17th century, and was completed in 1723.

It is a Baroque-style church, with a Latin cross floor plan, which is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, patroness saint of the town.

It has been declared a Monument of Cultural Interest since 1981 and a National Monument since 1982.

Wine Museum

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Bullas has always stood out for its winemaking tradition, so it was decided that it was time for it to have a Wine Museum, to show the importance of this activity in the lives of the people of the town and in the socio-cultural and economic aspects of the region.

In its permanent exhibition, it is possible to learn all the necessary processes in winemaking. In addition, temporary exhibitions are usually held, which sometimes are related to the world of wine and other times have to do with the traditions of the town.
Tasting activities are held from time to time for wine lovers.

Don Pepe Marsilla House-Museum

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Don José Marsilla Melgares, the first inhabitant of the house, was a rich landowner who was mayor of Bullas between 1895 and 1898. Don Pepe participated in the arrival of the telephone and the telegraph to the town and promoted various projects for Bullas.

The House-Museum was inaugurated in 2006 and is included in the wine route. In the museum is a whole area where we can see what the house was like and what life was like in Don Pepe's time. One can also visit his winery, which had a capacity of 140,000 litres.
In addition, one can enjoy an archaeological collection with objects from different sites in the Bullas area. Among them, those from the Roman Villa of “Los Cantos” stand out.

Saint Blaise Hermitage

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Saint Blaise Hermitage (Bullas - Murcia)
The story begins when three couples from Bullas, who were devotees of Saint Blaise, had the hermitage built in his honour.

The image they bought of the saint came from the Brotherhood of Saint Blaise in Caravaca de la Cruz. That image was moved to the parish church when the hermitage disappeared, and the image was finally destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The hermitage was located in the “La Cruz” neighbourhood, which took that name because in 1891 some pilgrims placed a cross right where the hermitage was.
Several years later, another hermitage was built there; it is also known as the hermitage of Saint Blaise. In the vicinity of this new temple, the Festival of Saint Blaise is celebrated.

Palace of the Melgares

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This old manor house, which was ordered to be built by the Melgares de Aguilar, today functions as the Bullas House of Culture. Although it has a modernist style, neo-Mudejar details are glimpsed.

Construction was completed in 1927 and the house is located in front of Spain Square. During the Spanish Civil War, it was the headquarters of several unions. Later, it was transformed into the College of the Religious of the Love of God. In 1981, it was acquired by the municipal government.
Its interior houses an auditorium, the Office of Cultural Management, a library, and a radio station, with multiple cultural activities taking place inside.

Clock Tower

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Clock Tower (Bullas - Murcia)
This was built in 1900 to regulate irrigation shifts among the town's landowners.

The clock points to the area of the orchards, as it was there where the farmers were who watered their plantations with the water from the ditches.

The clock was produced in Switzerland and placed on this tower. It is 16 meters high.
Although it is known as the Clock Tower, it is actually called the Tower of Saint James, and it was on the saint's day that it was inaugurated. That is why every year, in July, the feast of Saint James is celebrated at his feet.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Bullas - Murcia)
This small church is located in the Barrio Nuevo.

It has been renovated in recent years, with the addition of a clock to the bell tower.

It is surrounded by a small square.

Chapel of Saint Ildefonsus

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Chapel of Saint Ildefonsus (Bullas - Murcia)
The chapel is popularly known as “Capilla de La Cruz”. In 2016, it underwent an exhaustive remodelling and with it came a surprise: The confessional of Mother Wonder of Jesus was found.

Mother Wonder is a saint who spent several seasons in “Carrascalejo”, very close to the chapel. It is known that the chapel was built in 1898 by a grandmother of the saint, in honour of her husband, and that this hidden confessional was built in 1900.

Our Lady of Consolation Church

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Our Lady of Consolation Church (La Copa - Bullas - Murcia)
This is located in the small district of “Las Copas”, 3 kilometres from Bullas. It is estimated that the old hermitage was built in the first half of the 17th century.

Its construction is simple in both its structure and its ornamentation. Throughout history, it underwent several renovations. The most important is that of 1926, when the current tower was erected, which is the most outstanding aspect of the church, as it makes it visible from long distances thanks to its height.

Roman Villa of Los Cantos

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Archaeologists calculate that the town was inhabited between the second century BC and the 5th century AD.

It is a typical agricultural exploitation of the model that the Romans used to colonize rural areas.

Several nuclei are perceived: an urban one, the thermal baths, and an industrial sector. At present, one can see several walls, parts of the old infrastructure, and a mosaic of geometric aesthetics.

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