Royal Casino of Murcia

Royal Casino of Murcia

This is an "Elizabethan"-style construction dating from 1853, which has functioned since then as the headquarters of the Casino Society. It is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in the city. Throughout its history, it went through several reforms and extensions that gave rise to the current appearance of the building. In fact, from the beginning of its construction until the works were finished in 1920, almost 70 years passed.

On the facade of the building, you can see its main entrance, in which the female head that occupies the centre of it draws attention and is accompanied on both sides by two glazed rooms commonly known as "Fishbowls".

The property was built with two basic building materials: marble and “Novelda” stone. It is distributed over two floors and a semi-basement.

In the centre of the first floor is a striking balcony supported by lion's head corbels. It also has other areas worth seeing, such as its Arab-style patio covered by an admirable iron and glass dome; its popular interior room, known as “el Congresillo”; and the Ballroom, which is currently the only room that has been upright since the original construction of the building.

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