Public transport

Public transport in Murcia

Public transport in Murcia serves the urban area in collective units, such as the bus and tram fleets.
Tram in Murcia (Spain) 
Murcia has a city bus service that is at the forefront of technologies applied to transportation in terms of accessibility and payment methods, and also of standards of respect for the environment. Additionally, it has visual and acoustic information, informative signs on the outside and inside of the buses, protection with tempered glass to protect the seats closest to the doors, a temperature system, and a passenger counter, among other accessories.

On the other hand, the tram service has an 18 km route, connecting the city center with the north, where the universities, residential areas, and shopping centers are located.
In Murcia, the taxi service also works as part of the public transport system. It operates 24 hours a day, with the costs calculated using a taximeter.

Bicycles have also become an integral part of the public transport system of the city of Murcia. Bicycles are sustainable and efficient because they respect the environment and consume no fuel. They are beginning to replace private vehicles.