Murcia Cathedral

What to do in Murcia

The city of Murcia was one of the great urban centres of the Muslim era. This is evident to visitors who know of the archaeological sites and the remains of the wall that surrounded the city, and that still rest in different parts of the municipality.

The architecture of the Baroque period floods the most beautiful streets of the city, such as Platería and Trapería Streets, which also witnessed the moments when the city was boiling thanks to the union movements. In the city centre, you can also see beautiful convents and churches, such as the Cathedral, which is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. If you like history, be sure to check out all the vestiges that remain from Medieval times, when Muslims dominated the city. The best examples of this are the Wall of Veronicas, the parish church of Saint Peter and the church of Saint Catherine. However, there are many more.

For a change of pace, check out the variety of festivals that the city offers, from music to cinema and puppets. In terms of festivals, the best time to visit Murcia is in the spring, when the festivities and traditions abound. Enjoy the "Murcia in Spring" parade and The Burial of the Sardine while you go out for tapas in the excellent bars in the city.
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