Medieval Wall (Molina de Segura - Murcia)

Medieval Wall (Molina de Segura)

In the area within the historic centre of the town, two important archaeological finds have been made: the discovery of the remains of the Alcazaba and of a medieval wall that dates back to the time of Islamic occupation.

The wall belonged to the old enclave of Hisn Mulina, which was a construction that acted as a defence of the city and where it was necessary to pass if one wanted to enter Murcia. Along the entire wall, one can regularly find, every 20 meters, the presence of quadrangular towers that served as key surveillance points.

Thanks to the discovery, some 125 meters of wall have been uncovered, 8 meters high and 2 meters wide, where it has been possible to identify a bent door that served as a gateway for the population.

The construction was carried out using the rammed-earth technique with mortar modules superimposed on each other, and in front of it, there is a moat about 3 meters deep.

Currently, the wall is declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and Spanish Historical Heritage.

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