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Routes & Trails in Molina de Segura

Molina de Segura is a municipality with the fourth-largest population in the region of Murcia. It is also the capital of the Vega Media del Segura region. Molina de Segura is a very old town that has had a human presence since the Middle Palaeolithic. It is of enormous geostrategic importance because it is located at the crossroads of roads, routes, and trails around the Segura river.

This geographical particularity has given Molina de Segura enormous appeal for fans of hiking and mountain sports, as well as visitors who enjoy its spectacular tourist route. This lively tourist route includes a walk among the many ancient chimneys that still exist from old factories already demolished or abandoned, the spectacular Molina Medieval Route, where you can admire the remains of the original wall from the 12th century, and the Castle District, where you can find the oldest buildings and the popular Castle Viewpoint with the remains of the citadel.

Another very attractive and popular urban route is the Molina Shopping Route, where tourists can discover the many shopping places in Molina de Segura.

In addition to its urban routes, Molina de Segura has multiple routes and trails where you can admire the spectacular natural wealth of the surroundings. Among the most interesting is the Sierra de la Espada circular route; it is just over 11 kilometres long and crosses the aforementioned mountain range, the "Rambla del Carrizalejo", to reach "La Hurona".

The Rambla del Chorro is a circular route of almost 7 kilometres that offers spectacular panoramic views of the rambla and its surroundings. So does the Sierra del Águila, a beautiful 15-kilometre circular path. Of particular note is its "Barranco del Mulo" section.

Between Chimneys Route

Urban route


Molina Medieval Route

Urban route


Molina Shopping Route

Urban route


Noroeste Green Way

Several stages


Sierra de la Espada

PR-MU 71
Distance: 11.2 km
Type: Circular way


Rambla del Chorro

PR-MU 72
Distance: 6.9 km
Type: Circular way


Sierra del Águila

PR-MU 73
Distance: 15 km
Type: Circular way


Campo de Molina de Segura

PR-MU 83
Distance: 30,2 km
Type: Linear


Segura river

GR 127
Distance: 166.5 km
Type: Linear


Green Corridor

Distance: 12.8 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Circular way


Los Cordeles

Ecotourism Itinerary