Weather forecast

The weather in Molina de Segura

Monday, 15th of April 18:00 21:00
Clear Clear Clear Clear
Temperature 28.5°C 23.1°C
Wind 20 Km/h 6 Km/h
Southeast Southeast East East
Humidity 20% 25%
Tuesday, 16th of April 0:00 3:00 6:00 9:00 12:00 15:00 18:00
Clear Clear Clear Clear Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Fair Fair Clear Clear Fair Fair Partly cloudy Partly cloudy
Temperature 17.9°C 14.3°C 13.4°C 15.2°C 25.6°C 32.1°C 27.8°C
Wind 2 Km/h 3 Km/h 5 Km/h 8 Km/h 11 Km/h 7 Km/h 11 Km/h
Northeast Northeast Southwest Southwest West West West West Northwest Northwest North North Northeast Northeast
Humidity 39% 46% 49% 43% 25% 22% 32%
Wednesday, 17th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
21.9°C Cloudy 21.9°C 13.8°C 21 km/h
Southeast Southeast
57% Sunrise: 7:29
Sunset: 20:41
14:40 - 04:38 Moonrise: 14:40
Moonset: 04:38
Thursday, 18th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
24.6°C Cloudy 24.6°C 12.7°C 20 km/h
Southeast Southeast
64% Sunrise: 7:27
Sunset: 20:42
15:41 - 05:06 Moonrise: 15:41
Moonset: 05:06
Friday, 19th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
19.9°C Cloudy 19.9°C 13.6°C 20 km/h
Southeast Southeast
65% Sunrise: 7:26
Sunset: 20:43
16:40 - 05:31 Moonrise: 16:40
Moonset: 05:31
Saturday, 20th of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
21.1°C Cloudy 21.1°C 10.3°C 23 km/h
East East
53% Sunrise: 7:24
Sunset: 20:44
17:39 - 05:52 Moonrise: 17:39
Moonset: 05:52
Sunday, 21st of April High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
21.3°C Cloudy 21.3°C 10.4°C 31 km/h
East East
49% Sunrise: 7:23
Sunset: 20:45
18:36 - 06:13 Moonrise: 18:36
Moonset: 06:13
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In Molina de Segura, the climate is quite dry throughout the year. The summers are short but very hot and clear; the winters are long and cold, with partial cloudiness.

Over the course of the year, the temperature in Molina de Segura generally ranges between 3°C and 34°C. Very rarely does it drop below -1°C or rise above 37°C.

The hottest period lasts about 2.9 months, from June 14 to September 12, with the maximum temperature on an average day being 31°C. On the hottest day of the year, the temperature can reach a maximum of 34°C and drop to only 21°C.

The period from November 15 to March 11 is considered the coolest season of the year, with a temperature that, on average, does not exceed 20°C. On the coldest day of the year in Molina de Segura, the minimum temperature can drop to 3°C and rise at most to 16°C.

The rainy season lasts about nine months, from September to June.