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10 reasons to visit Cartagena

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Cartagena (Murcia)
The region of Murcia is home to one of the oldest and most historically rich cities in all of Spain: Cartagena. This town is the pearl of the Murcian coast, with gastronomy full of marine delicacies and earthly blessings grown in its orchard.

It is difficult to find a tourist paradise that offers as much as the beautiful and historic Cartagena does. It is always colourful and with a pleasant climate. If you have a spirit of adventure, this city will reveal true tourist treasures to the most enthusiastic travellers, leaving them with a satisfying taste in their mouths.

We present our 10 reasons to visit Cartagena:

1. Roman Theatre of Cartagena: This was built a few centuries before Christ. The Roman rule left Cartagena as one of the most striking and emblematic places in terms of recreational offerings. The visit begins when one enters its museum, which offers a walk through the history of the Roman Theatre since its construction.

2. National Museum of Underwater Archaeology: This is a fantastic museographic exhibition that shows great underwater treasures and everyday items used by humanity over the centuries and that have fallen into the sea. It is famous for the quality of its guided tours, which allow you to travel back in time through history.
3. La Manga del Mar Menor: For many locals and visitors from all over the world, this is a fantastic tourist centre, with fun water activities and restaurants that offer the most exquisite delicacies of the Mediterranean.

4. Gastronomy: In Cartagena, you can enjoy the best that the native food of the Murcian coast has to offer. Fish is obviously the protagonist, and of this type, the unanimously preferred dish is the “Caldero”, which combines aioli and rice with mullet or rock fish and sea bream. Also very popular are the salted fish and “michirones”.
5. Naval Museum of Cartagena: Many tourists go to the city's port because they are attracted by the exhibits in this military museum. It includes historical information related to shipbuilding, as well as one of the most valued historical exhibitions in Spain: the Isaac Peral Room.

6. Punic Wall Interpretation Centre: This offers an exhibition with guided tours about this construction from the 3rd century BC, created around the Punic Wars between the Carthaginians and the Romans. The Punic Wall currently offers a very complete audio-visual exhibition to learn about the history of yesteryear.
7. Cortina Cave: This is one of the closest beaches to the population centre of Cartagena. It has been deserving of multiple national recognitions for its beauty and warm, clean waters. It is ideal to enjoy with the family. Its only restaurant offers excellent service and gastronomy.

8. Castle of the Conception: This emblematic building enjoys a place of honour in the city's coat of arms. It is the ideal starting point if you want to know, in a comprehensive and explanatory way, the 3,000 years of history of Cartagena. It’s ideal for a family visit.
9. Escombreras Island Lighthouse: From this spectacular place, you can enjoy the best views of the city's port, with peace and confidence to visit with your family. The lighthouse is wonderful and of emblematic value to the locals.

10. Military History Museum of Cartagena: This offers an exhibition of the history of military weapons that have passed through the city of Cartagena since the middle of the last century. It shows the best pieces of artillery from yesteryear and other elements of war such as uniforms and war tolos in addition to explanatory models and very complete collections.
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