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10 reasons to visit Caravaca de la Cruz

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Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia)
Known as a "Holy City", having been named thusly by Pope John Paul II, Caravaca de la Cruz is a beautiful destination that you should include on your travel agenda.

Located in the region of Murcia, in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, this town is full of history and charm, being one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

We present our 10 reasons to visit Caravaca de la Cruz:
Basilica Sanctuary of the Vera Cruz (Caravaca de la Cruz - Murcia)
1. Pilgrimage: Travelers from all over the world flock to this blessed land because Pope John Paul II granted Caravaca de la Cruz the Jubilee Year 'in perpetuum', that is, in perpetuity. In this way, Caravaca de la Cruz celebrates its holy year every seven years, the first being 2003.

In addition, in its Royal Basilica Sanctuary of the Vera Cruz, a relic contains fragments of the cross on which Christ died. That is why this city is a must-see destination for every traveller.
2. Natural area: This town is not only a religious destination, but also a site to enjoy nature.

One of the most beautiful places in the region is Las Fuentes de Marques, an enchanted natural park full of springs, large trees and wild animals. This park is really beautiful in the fall, just when the trees lose their leaves, which cover every corner of this beautiful place.

3. Medieval market: On the third Sunday of each month, this town returns to medieval times to offer a unique experience for tourists.

The Pilgrim Market is a centre for the sale of handicrafts and typical products of the area. There, artisans and artists entertain the public with itinerant activities carried out by characters of the time.
4. Distinctive gastronomy: The cuisine of this region has its own identity. This town is famous for its “Yemas de Caravaca” sweets, which are made from eggs and sugar, covered with a layer of caramel or chocolate.

You can also taste the “empedrado” (possibly the most typical dish in Caravaca de la Cruz, made with rice, white beans and dried cod) and the “tartera” (a roast lamb baked with onions, potatoes and pine nuts), which are unique and incomparable dishes.
5. Festivals and celebrations: The great celebration in Caravaca de la Cruz is the Festival of the Holy and Vera Cruz of Caravaca, which is commemorated from May 1 to 5.

This celebration was declared of International Tourist Interest and its majesty captivates the thousands of visitors who come each year.

6. Green Route: The town has a special route called the "Green Way", which is great for cycling or hiking.

This 78-kilometre road is fully enabled with seven stations to stop and immerse yourself in nature.
7. Wine Horses: Thousands of visitors gather every May 2 to witness the race of the Horses of Wine.

The race takes less than 10 seconds and is 80 meters. The horse, along with four men, goes through a crowd of attendees who experience this show full of colour and joy.

They are part of the Festival of the Holy and Vera Cruz of Caravaca.
8. Religious Route: The most prominent religious destination in this city is undoubtedly the Basilica Sanctuary of the Vera Cruz, where Cruz de Caravaca is located. In addition, there are other religious temples of great interest, such as the Parochial Church of El Salvador and the Parochial Church of the Conception, among other religious sites.

9. Las Cuadrillas Festival: In the district of Barranda, a traditional music festival is held that has become one of the best known and most popular in the region. The Festival of Las Cuadrillas has been declared of National Tourist Interest and an Asset of Cultural Interest.

The event takes place on the last Sunday of January, turning Barranda into an open-air stage for the enjoyment of visitors.

10. Museums and stories: The progress of this town is collected in its museums, the most outstanding being that of Vera Cruz. Inside, you will find valuable collections of gold and silver work and paintings by world-renowned artists.

Also, in Caravaca de la Cruz, you can enjoy the Festival Museum, the Wine Horses Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Carrilero Museum.
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