Saint Francis Church (Yecla - Murcia)

Saint Francis Church (Yecla)

The Church of Saint Francis is located in the lower part of the city, in front of Constitution Park. The construction of this temple, in the 16th century, was fundamental to the layout of the current city.

Today, this church is the only thing remaining of the old Franciscan convent, which later became the College of Piarists.

Currently, it is not possible to visit the church because consolidation works are being carried out in it. What can be seen is the Chapel of the Virgin of the Anguish, which belongs to the Secular Franciscan Order and which is attached to the church.

This chapel was built at the beginning of the 18th century and is considered a jewel of the Levantine Baroque. Inside, the dressing room decorated with Valencian tiles stands out.

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