El Pasico Hermitage (Torre Pacheco - Murcia)

El Pasico Hermitage (Torre Pacheco)

Inside is housed and venerated the Virgin of Pasico, a figure located on the trunk of an almond tree and to whom the inhabitants of the region have the custom of leaving carnations as an offering.

The date of construction of the hermitage dates from the 19th century, although it is not known for sure because all the documentation referring to it was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

Its simple rustic construction of a singular semi-rounded shape has a glazed main entrance, and its entire exterior is covered in stone. A detail that can be observed when arriving at the place is its old fountain, which is located right in front of its access door. The hermitage, in its upper part, houses a small open bell tower, and its interior continues with the style and simple lines that characterize it.

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