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Routes & Trails in Torre Pacheco

Torre Pacheco is a municipality of almost 40,000 inhabitants, located in the Campo de Cartagena region. It is considered one of the most important communities in the region of Murcia due to its fertile irrigated fields. One of the peculiarities of Torre Pacheco is that, with the exception of the Cabezo Gordo hill, which is barely 312 meters high, it is completely flat and has no mountainous reliefs throughout its almost 190 square kilometres.

The municipality's name stems from the Pacheco family of Portugal, who settled in this area in 1472. After the modernization that Spain experienced in the 19th century, Torre Pacheco acquired great importance, especially for tourism. This resulted in a significant increase in its population.

Basically, there are three routes used by hikers, all of them circular. The first is the Cabezo Gordo Route, almost 2 kilometres long, where you can visit recreational areas, including the famous viewpoints of La Cantera and Boca de la Mina.

The Torre Pacheco Windmills Route is moderately difficult and more than 18 kilometres long. It allows you to admire the entire network of old mills in the town, including Los Perea, Tío Paco, El Pasico and the Hortichuela windmills.

The last route, the Torre Pacheco Route, is a little more than 6 kilometres long and easy to travel, taking just over an hour. It is ideal as a cycling route, for running or to explore with the family, as it offers great views of the natural beauty surrounding it.

Cabezo Gordo

SL-MU 11
Distance: 1.8 km
Type: Circular way


Torre Pacheco Windmills

Distance: 18.2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Circular way


Torre Pacheco

Distance: 6.1 km
Difficulty: Easy
Type: Circular way