Mount Arabi (Yecla - Murcia)

Mount Arabi (Yecla)

Mount Arabi has an altitude of 1,068 meters above sea level. As it is a punctual mountainous elevation, it cannot be considered a mountain range. Although it is not very large, its training visibly stands out in its environment.

Perhaps the most remarkable things about Mount Arabi are the erosive formations, which have led to the creation of large rounded blocks, and the existence of caves, shelters, and unique honeycomb surfaces in the rocky walls.

The whole area is of great archaeological interest. In the areas of the shelters, materials and artistic representations have been found, such as those found in the “Cueva del Mediodía” and in the so-called “Cantos de Visera I y II”. Equally noteworthy are the inscultures or petroglyphs called “cazoletas”, whose true meaning is still unknown.

The flora of the environment is dominated by Aleppo pine. Holm oaks and other endemic species can also be seen.

Mount Arabi also stands out for the abundant and varied fauna that inhabits it. Among the species that can be found are spiny-footed lizards, horseshoe whip snakes, geckos, wildcats, foxes, and a huge variety of birds.

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