Church of the Saviour (Yecla - Murcia)

Church of the Saviour (Yecla)

This is popularly known as the “Old Church” for being the oldest of all the town's churches. Its construction began in 1512 and took 40 years. It was designed in a Gothic style and has only one nave with a ribbed vault and side chapels.

Unfortunately, during the Spanish Civil War, the church suffered serious damage that deteriorated its interior and caused the loss of its original sculptures and paintings. Today the church has been restored, so that it has recovered part of its former beauty.

The Renaissance tower stands out, which is divided into four floors. The latter is adorned with a large frieze that has a collection of sculpted heads with different motifs and themes on each face of the tower. Thus, on the north face, we find seven knights, representing the 16th-century nobility; on the west face, there are the figures of different characters from the church, while on the east face, the faces of women, soldiers, and other characters stand out. Finally, on the south side, you can see two skulls.

Inside its Gothic naves is the Museum of the Holy Week. There, you can see the steps for the procession of Holy Week, a great example of the imagery of the region of Murcia. In addition, there are collections of thrones, banners, embroidery, tunics, and costumes.

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