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Routes & Trails in the Vega Media del Segura region

The Vega Media del Segura is a region of almost 122,000 inhabitants that covers more than 250 square kilometres and is made up of the municipalities of Ceuti, Alguazas, Lorqui, Las Torres de Cotillas and Molina de Segura. The area is filled with immense beauty and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

In Molina de Segura, urban routes are very popular, allowing tourists to admire heritage monuments. One of them offers a look at the numerous chimneys of old industries. Artists have adorned them with interesting sculptures, creating an authentic historical and artistic walk.

The Molina Medieval Route in Molina de Segura offers a look at historical treasures, especially those corresponding to Muslim Spain, as well as many Christian temples and the remains of an imposing medieval wall. Another urban route is dedicated to stores where visitors can purchase handicrafts, clothing, footwear and souvenirs.

Among the many routes and natural trails in the Vega Media del Segura region, the Alguazas Trail stands out. It is a circular route of almost 20 kilometres along which hikers can admire the rich heritage of Alguazas, its beautiful river environment, its impressive orchards and its magnificent landscapes that offer spectacular views.

The Campo de Molina de Segura Route and the Segura River Route are two spectacular linear routes of 30 and 166 kilometres, respectively, that cross practically the entire region. There, hikers can admire exceptional landscapes.

Other notable routes are the Rambla del Chorro Route, the Sierra de la Espada Route, the Sierra del Águila Route, all of them linear, and the splendid Green Corridor Circular Route, almost 13 kilometres long and ideal for lovers of ecotourism and mountain sports.

Between Chimneys Route

Molina de Segura


Molina Medieval Route

Molina de Segura


Molina Shopping Route

Molina de Segura


Noroeste Green Way

Several stages


Sierra de la Espada

PR-MU 71
Distance: 11.2 km
Type: Circular way


Rambla del Chorro

PR-MU 72
Distance: 6.9 km
Type: Circular way


Sierra del Águila

PR-MU 73
Distance: 15 km
Type: Circular way


Campo de Molina de Segura

PR-MU 83
Distance: 30,2 km
Type: Linear


Segura river

GR 127
Distance: 166.5 km
Type: Linear


Green Corridor

Distance: 12.8 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Circular way


Los Cordeles

Ecotourism Itinerary


Alguazas Trail

PR-MU 81
Distance: 19.5 km
Type: Circular way