Our Lady of La Salceda Church (Las Torres de Cotillas - Murcia)

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Our Lady of La Salceda Church

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Our Lady of La Salceda Church (Las Torres de Cotillas - Murcia)
This Baroque-style temple was built at the end of the 18th century, although it has been expanded and renovated throughout its more than 200 years of history. The last renovation was in 2005, when a complete reform of the building was carried out.

During the Spanish Civil War, most of the images inside were destroyed, among which was the image of the patroness saint of the church. Also, the upper part of the bell tower collapsed. The new image of Our Lady of La Salceda was created in 1941 by the sculptor Juan González Moreno.
The exterior is very sober in appearance, with a gabled roof. Its interior also presents a sober style. However, it is worth visiting the chapel of Our Father Jesus and that of the d'Estoup.

The invocation of this parish has its origin in the arrival in Las Torres de Cotillas, in the middle of the 15th century, of settlers from Cuenca, where the cult of the Virgin of La Salceda was born, when she made her appearance on a willow tree for two members of the Order of San Juan in the 13th century.

Palace of the d'Estoup

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Palace of the d'Estoup (Las Torres de Cotillas - Murcia)
This refined building is a manor house that was built in an eclectic style in the mid-19th century. On its facade, the lions, coats of arms, rose windows, arches and various ornaments attract attention. Inside, the highlight is a staircase with an original 19th-century lantern.

During the Spanish Civil War, the building was transformed into a hospital. Like so many other buildings in the region, it suffered the consequences of the war. Inside, one of the most important libraries in Spain was burned.
In the 60s, the Divino Maestro Missionaries took over the building with the purpose of turning it into a school. Even today, they are in charge of maintaining it—a job that they have done in a wonderful way, which allows us to contemplate the original beauty of the building.

Constitution Park

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Constitution Park (Las Torres de Cotillas - Murcia)
This wooded park with wide green spaces is a favourite place for the residents of Las Torres de Cotillas to go for a walk and get together to chat on its benches.

The park has an area of 10,000 square meters. Among its vegetation, mainly Mediterranean, pine and palm trees predominate. Located in the park is the municipal auditorium, which has a capacity of about 3,000 people and offers a varied list of shows during the summer.

Hermitage of the Cross

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Hermitage of the Cross (Las Torres de Cotillas - Murcia)
The origin of this hermitage dates back to when it was necessary to expand the Church of Our Lady of La Salceda between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. As the parish church was affected by the expansion works, this hermitage was built.

Legend has it that, in the course of a great flood, washed away from the field area, a cross miraculously appeared and, when the waters receded, the cross was nailed to the ground without any human hand intervening. In that same place, the Hermitage of the Cross was built.
The large number of reforms and extensions suffered throughout its history makes it impossible to detect its true age with the naked eye.

During May, the patron saint festivities of Las Torres de Cotillas are celebrated. They end with a procession that starts from the Church of Our Lady of La Salceda and reaches the Hermitage of the Cross.

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