Parish of Saint Mary Magdalene (Ceuti - Murcia)

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Saint Mary Magdalene Parish Church

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Saint Mary Magdalene Parish Church (Ceuti - Murcia)
This church was built in 1956 in honour of the patroness saint of the town.

It was built on the foundations of an old temple that had been demolished the previous year.

The original temple had been renovated in the first half of the 14th century. What is not certain among experts is whether the building had previously functioned as a mosque, as the city had been ruled by an “alfaquí”.
In 1995, great restoration works were carried out, so that its interior looks renovated and houses beautiful sculptures, with highlights being those of Saint Mary Magdalene and Christ recumbent.

Antonio Campillo Museum

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Antonio Campillo Museum (Ceuti - Murcia)
This is a contemporary art museum in which it is possible to contemplate mainly the sculptures of Antonio Campillo Párraga, who died in 2009.

It is located in an old manor house that the City Council bought to house the Ethnographic Museum. However, when the Murcian author donated several of his works in 2003, the municipality decided to move the Ethnographic Museum to the House of the 7 Chimneys, also known as the Museum of Vegetable Preservation and Customs.
The museum has a collection of sixty-eight sculptures by Antonio Campillo Párraga and more than forty of his drawings, so it is possible to complete a vision of his artistic evolution.

In this comprehensive collection, visitors can learn about the topics that most interested the artist, such as horses, women, cyclists, etc. They will see the quality with which he handled elements as different as clay and bronze.

Open Air Museum

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Open Air Museum (Ceuti - Murcia)
This is an art collection with sculptures and murals located in different areas of the city. It is one of the best excuses to visit Ceuti with a careful eye towards discovering the art that this city offers.

Some of the works can be found in various public buildings, such as City Hall and the library.

Others are outdoors, in the Los Torraos area, in Los Torraos Industrial Park and at the exit to the Murcia-Madrid highway.

7 Chimneys Museum

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7 Chimneys Museum (Ceuti - Murcia)
This is also known as the Museum of Vegetable Preserves and Customs. Inside, it is possible to enjoy a sampling of objects related to the traditions and customs of Ceuti.

The museum is located inside a building that functioned as a home and canning factory and was created in 1989 thanks to José Antonio Martín, who was the Official Chronicler of Ceuti and who for years had been dedicated to showing and teaching the youth of the city the ancient trades and professions of their ancestors.
The museum display, in addition to having a great variety of elements from the daily lives of the residents of Ceuti, has a very complete collection of tools and objects used in the canning industry and in agricultural tasks over the centuries.

One of the best qualities of the museum is that in addition to the pieces being exhibited, you can see photographs from the time when these elements were used.

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