Saint Mary Magdalene Parish Church (Ceuti - Murcia)

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Coat of arms of Ceuti (Murcia)

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Coordinates: 38.078889°, -1.272222°

Distance to Murcia: 20 km

Elevation: 94 m

Population: 12,391 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Ceutiense

This is one of the most dynamic municipalities in the entire province of Murcia, given its economic diversity, which ranges from industrial estates to the exploitation of agricultural activity.

Its name comes from the Muslim era, specifically from the word Cepti, which means "the one from Ceuta" and was used to refer to the first settlers in the area.

The patron saint festivities of Saint Roch and Saint Mary Magdalene extend for a month, with a religious and cultural program that mobilizes the entire town.

Ceuti stands out for its varied landscape, with small ditches that drive water driven by wheels, as well as for its beautiful views. From the “Cabezo de Vista Alegre”, one can enjoy beautiful landscapes. One can do the same from the San Roque Natural Park, which has spaces to enjoy healthy recreation in the countryside with one’s family, as well as to barbecue and engage in sports activities.

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