Alguazas (Murcia)

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Coat of arms of Alguazas (Murcia)

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Coordinates: 38.051389°, -1.241389°

Distance to Murcia: 16 km

Elevation: 86 m

Population: 10,218 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Alguaceño (a)

Aluazta or Alhuasta means, in Arabic, "the one in the middle". Although it is not historically documented, it seems that this is the origin of the name of Alguazas, which is located in a privileged position between the Mula river and the Segura river.

Its gastronomy is characterized by fruits and vegetables from the Murcian orchard, which delight the palates of fans of rural tourism, who come to Alguazas in search of peace, tranquillity, and rest.

The most important monument that is part of its Cultural Heritage is the Moors Tower or Old Tower, which keeps within its walls the history of one of the oldest defensive fortresses in the province of Murcia. Also noteworthy is the Church of Saint Onofre (the patron saint of Alguazas along with the Virgin of the Rosary).

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