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Routes & Trails in the Vega Alta del Segura region

The Vega Alta del Segura is a region formed by the municipalities of Blanca, Abaran and Cieza. Its almost 55,000 inhabitants live in an area with large mountain ranges and steep terrain. The Segura river is the common thread of this region, which stands out for its lush and impressive views of enormous beauty.

The rugged topography translates into a number of routes and trails of enormous appeal and popularity. Among the most interesting is the Waterwheels Route, a little more than 4 kilometres long. It offers a pleasant and quiet walk where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and their enormous biodiversity. In addition, you can see the largest waterwheel in Europe.

Another circular route is the Medina Siyâsa Trail, which is a little more than 8 kilometres long. Along the way, you can admire the beauty of the Vega del Segura, the enormous number of orchards and the spectacular Islamic archaeological site of Medina Siyâsa, after which this popular route is named.

The Los Forestales Trail, almost 5 kilometres long, and the Cross Viewpoint Trail, 3 kilometres long, are other linear routes that share the great natural beauty of the region, as are the circular trails of La Presa, 13 kilometres long, and the impressive Cieza—Collado Portazgo Trail, almost 25 kilometres long.

Cross Viewpoint

PR-MU 56
Distance: 3 km
Type: Linear



Los Forestales Trail

PR-MU 58
Distance: 4.6 km
Type: Linear



Waterwheels Route

SL-MU 28
Distance: 4.3 km
Type: Circular way



Jaime el Barbudo Route

PR-MU 121
Distance: 8.6 km
Type: Circular way



Fuente de Benito Route



Blanca and its orchard Route



La Hoya de San Roque

PR-MU 24
Distance: 16.5 km
Type: Circular way



Medina Siyâsa

PR-MU 11
Distance: 8.3 km
Type: Circular way


Cieza - Collado Portazgo

PR-MU 12
Distance: 24.6 km
Type: Circular way


La Presa

PR-MU 13
Distance: 13 km
Type: Circular way


Almadenes - Almorchón

PR-MU 25
Distance: 13.3km
Type: Circular way


GR7 passing through Cieza

Distance: 11 km
Type: Linear