Blanca Castle  (Blanca - Murcia)

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Blanca Castle

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Blanca Castle  (Blanca - Murcia)
This building, of Muslim origin, was built between the 11th and 12th centuries (1180 and 1210) and is located 223 meters above sea level, as a strategic point of surveillance and defence, nestled on a high hill in the Sierra del Oro.

In the distance, you can see the remains of three hollow towers, with a rectangular plan of uneven layout and an extension from one end to the other of 17.55 meters. The high sides and the one in the small centre, which served as support and reinforcement, were built with large adobes cemented together and with clay.
The rest of the construction is simple masonry and was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1997.

Light and Water Museum

Light and Water Museum (Blanca - Murcia)
This is located inside a building constructed in the 20th century (1990) that, at first, was the Hydraulic Power Plant of the Municipality of Blanca.

Later, it was restored and became a museum dedicated to educating about the process of using water and its history within the framework of the connection between different cultures and civilizations.

After its restoration, it still maintains its main square block structure covered with a hipped roof.
Likewise, the Francis-type turbine acquired in 1910 is preserved, which, driven by the waters, produced electricity for the municipality of Blanca, this being the first municipality in the region to have electricity in the 1920s.

Pedro Cano Foundation

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Pedro Cano Foundation (Blanca - Murcia)
It is located in the central module of the Museum and Art Centre of Blanca (MUCAB) and was established in December 2008 by the painter's family, the Blanca City Council and the Autonomous Community of Murcia.

Its purpose is to expose and disseminate the works of the painter from Blanca, as well as the relationship and harmony between cultures.

In its facilities, you can see a chronology of works since he was 11 years old.
In addition, it is a multidisciplinary space with exhibition rooms and organization of various educational activities, workshops, conferences, recitals and concerts. It has wide international recognition and has been the place of exhibition of several foreign artists.

Saint John the Evangelist Church

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Saint John the Evangelist Church (Blanca - Murcia)
Built in the 16th century (1508) on an old mosque, this was rebuilt in the late 17th and early 18th centuries by two stonemason brothers, Antonio and Lucas de Lastra.

It was the first Christian temple dedicated to the invocation of Saint John.

Of patent baroque style, and with a Latin cross plan, it is made up of three naves and a handkerchief-type dome over the transept. In the dressing room is a carving of the patron saint, made by Tomás Paredes in 1942.
The dome is decorated with the theme of the Assumption of the Virgin and the head with the site of the Apocalypse, made with fresco painting.

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