Medical Saints Hermitage (Abaran - Murcia)

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Medical Saints Hermitage

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Medical Saints Hermitage (Abaran - Murcia)
With a neo-baroque style, this is the third hermitage built in this place and dates from 1953.

It is a monumental and beautiful building that boasts a balcony whose view is directed to the river and the mountains. In addition, it is in the middle of a walk that receives its own name.

On the outside, we find two bell towers that accompany its main brick facade. It has a hemispherical dome and a curved tile roof.
Inside, we are greeted by a beautiful enclosure with a central nave and two aisles on the sides, whose architectural arrangements make it clear that the work is an imitation of the 18th-century basilica temples.

It is a luminous scene of diverse artistic representations and paintings of figurative and classical style, in addition to two sculptures made of wood that represent the images of the Medical Saints, Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, to whom the enclosure is dedicated.

Big Water Wheel

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Big Water Wheel (Abaran - Murcia)
This is considered one of the largest and longest-running waterwheels in Europe and one of the emblematic symbols of the Vega Alta del Segura region.

It dates from the year 1805, being built by Francisco Libián. However, in 1915 it was rebuilt due to the condition it was in, and has a wooden frame supported by cast-iron gears.

This monument was in charge of supplying water to the main canal so that it reaches the vegetable crops.
It has a size of 11.90 meters long and 1.20 meters wide and is one of the obligatory stops in the framework of the water wheels route, which includes four additional water wheels.

Saint Paul Church

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Saint Paul Church (Abaran - Murcia)
This is a parish temple dating from the 17th century and is dedicated to the invocation of Saint Paul. It was erected on a previous construction, from the 16th century.

On the outside, we find a facade with simple lines, whose construction, made of brick and ashlars, presents divisions with different heights.

Inside, we are greeted by a framed neo-baroque style, shown especially in its altarpiece. It exhibits a basilica structure with three naves, with a transept and a dome.
In addition, in its presbytery, we find a recumbent Christ made by the sculptor José Planes.

It is located among the landscape of the town of Abaran and is one of the oldest temples in the Murcia region.

Municipal Park

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Municipal Park (Abaran - Murcia)
Formerly known as the Explorers' Park, this is a natural space characterized by its immense eucalyptus trees, planted in 1909.

It is the scene of multiple activities carried out throughout the year and has a children's play area, picnic area and wide promenade. It is a place especially visited during the patron saint festivities.

It is part of a protected environment where we find the mill of the batteries and the old bridge.

Las Ventanas Viewpoint

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Las Ventanas Viewpoint (Abaran - Murcia)
This is located elevated in front of the popular “Campanica del Cabezo de la Cruz” (a small monument surrounded by numerous legends dating back to the 19th century) and is a place that welcomes us with the aim of making us part of the scenery of the greatest scenic beauty of Abaran.

It is a necessary place to visit, where we come into contact with nature and the most gorgeous scenery of natural and tourist beauty.

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