Gastronomy in the Ricote Valley

Gastronomy in the Ricote Valley region is based on agricultural production, which regularly contributes to the preparation of the delicious dishes of the area. The presence of the Segura River contributes to this, providing fertile land for obtaining high-quality, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Hence, the gastronomy in the Ricote Valley region attracts, with its dishes, not only the locals but people from other regions and the rest of the country. Even foreign tourists love the food for the freshness of the production and the colour of the orchards, as well as for the inheritance of past cultures, among which the Muslim culture stands out, as it helped to create the bases to achieve fertile lands.

Very rich and varied cuisine

In the five municipalities that make up this region, a varied cuisine has been developed over time, with multiple flavours and a wide range of recipes that make gastronomy in the Ricote Valley region a delicacy that combines with the majesty of its landscapes.
Chickpea pot 
Vegetables and legumes play a special role in the recipes in the region of the Ricote Valley. It cannot be otherwise due to the successful fertility and production of the fertile lands of this region of the Murcia province.

Dishes include bean stew, different stews with rice and chickpeas, or “lizones” salads, typical of the area. This is a wild plant with vitamin properties and great flavour.
In the different pot stews, local meats, combined with the excellent vegetables and legumes produced, are harmonized with great skill, giving the dishes the attractive Mediterranean flavour.

There are particular ways to prepare the “gachamigas”, with wheat flour; the pork with beans and thistle leaves; and the “empedrado” rice, among many other delicious dishes based on local production.

In the region, one can find typical recipes in the preparation of roasted lamb, though dishes that have rice as their foundation, like paellas or rice with beans, are especially exquisite. Also of note is the preparation of rabbit with vegetables in different forms of flavour and colour.

High-quality pastry

The gastronomy of the Ricote Valley region has inherited a clear influence from the Muslim era in its pastries.
Mona (Typical dessert of Spain) 
Standouts include the wine rolls, the butter cakes, and the potato cakes, as well as the “bizcochos borrachos de Ojós”, the “condenaos”, and the so-called “picardías”.

The confectionery is made up of meringue and puff pastry horns, “negritos” made with meringue and chocolate, and the cream “pitisú”.

At Easter, they shine in the districts with the elaboration of the typical “monas”.

The fertile Ricote Valley

Gastronomy in the Ricote Valley region has, as its main ally, the fertile land and the production of beautiful and delicious fruits. The apricot, for example, is one of the most consumed and abundant products in the area.

Plums, peaches, paraguayans, nectarines, tangerines, and oranges also stand out. These fruits are used and enjoyed doubly because, in addition to being consumed fresh, they are used to make traditional and delicious jams.

In addition to jams, candied preserves are prepared based on the rich fruits of the region, which are very appetizing and sought-after. We cannot fail to mention the honey that is produced, which recalls the delicate aromas of the Ricote Valley.