Weather forecast

The weather in the Ricote Valley region

Sunday, 14th of July 21:00
Fair Fair
Temperature 30.4°C
Wind 11 Km/h
Southeast Southeast
Humidity 46%
Monday, 15th of July 0:00 3:00 6:00 9:00 12:00 15:00 18:00 21:00
Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Temperature 26.4°C 23.6°C 21.8°C 25.6°C 34.1°C 39°C 37.9°C 35°C
Wind 3 Km/h 2 Km/h 4 Km/h 7 Km/h 7 Km/h 5 Km/h 24 Km/h 7 Km/h
Southeast Southeast Southwest Southwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Southwest Southwest South South Southeast Southeast
Humidity 64% 73% 71% 50% 20% 13% 22% 20%
Tuesday, 16th of July High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
37.3°C Fair 37.3°C 25.3°C 28 km/h
Southeast Southeast
39% Sunrise: 6:54
Sunset: 21:28
17:07 - 02:15 Moonrise: 17:07
Moonset: 02:15
Wednesday, 17th of July High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
31.9°C Mostly cloudy 31.9°C 23.5°C 21 km/h
Southeast Southeast
67% Sunrise: 6:55
Sunset: 21:27
18:13 - 02:48 Moonrise: 18:13
Moonset: 02:48
Thursday, 18th of July High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
34.3°C Mostly cloudy 34.3°C 21.2°C 17 km/h
Southeast Southeast
61% Sunrise: 6:55
Sunset: 21:27
19:19 - 03:29 Moonrise: 19:19
Moonset: 03:29
Friday, 19th of July High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
38.1°C Fair 38.1°C 22.3°C 17 km/h
Southeast Southeast
50% Sunrise: 6:56
Sunset: 21:26
20:20 - 04:19 Moonrise: 20:20
Moonset: 04:19
Saturday, 20th of July High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
39.8°C Partly cloudy 39.8°C 25.1°C 22 km/h
West West
29% Sunrise: 6:57
Sunset: 21:26
21:14 - 05:22 Moonrise: 21:14
Moonset: 05:22
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In the Ricote Valley region, the climate is characterized by a varying temperature of between 3°C and 35°C throughout the year, with decreases below -2°C or increases above 38°C being unlikely.

The Murcian region of the Ricote Valley is made up of the localities of Archena, Ojos, Ricote, Ulea, and Villanueva del Rio Segura. They all have similar weather and temperatures.

Cloudy days are very rare in Murcia. For this reason, it is considered one of the Spanish regions with the highest number of hours of sunshine per year - something that also happens in the Ricote Valley. The month with the most hours of sunshine is July, while the least sunniest month is December.

The hottest period lasts 2.9 months, from June 14 to September 11, with an average daytime maximum temperature of 31°C.

The coldest season lasts a total of 3.9 months, from November 14 to March 11, with an average daily maximum temperature that does not reach 20°C.