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Routes & Trails in the Ricote Valley

The Ricote Valley region consists of the towns of Ojos, Archena, Ulea, Ricote and Villanueva del Rio Segura. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic and has been considered of great importance since then thanks to its fertile lands, which have made the valley an important agricultural and ecotourism epicentre.

The region's attractiveness is reflected in an extensive network of trails and routes for inhabitants and visitors. Among the most popular, the Los Moriscos Trail - Umbría de Ricote stands out. Just over 8 kilometres long and of great beauty, it offers imposing panoramic views of the Sierra de Umbría and the orchard of the Ricote Valley.

The Collado de la Madera Trail is circular and almost 18 kilometres long. However, despite its length, it is easy to travel thanks to its flat path. This route offers spectacular views of its surroundings.

The Castle of Ricote Route is a simple path of less than a kilometre on which you can admire the ruins of the medieval castle, the imposing and beautiful Sierra del Salitre, and especially the Sierras de Navela and Ricote.

Especially notable is the Ricote Valley Trail Network, a beautiful place declared a bird sanctuary. Here, hikers can admire the spectacular beauty of the mountain range and its archaeological ruins by walking its countless trails, including the Cross Viewpoint Trail, the Los Forestales Trail and the Baitanco del Pozo Trail, among others.

Los Moriscos Trail - Umbría de Ricote

Distance: 8.1 km
Type: Circular way


Collado de la Madera Trail

PR-MU 47-47.1
Distance: 17.8 km
Type: Circular way



Barranco del Pozo

PR-MU 10
Distance: 20.2 km
Type: Circular way


Castle of Ricote

PR-MU 39
Distance: 0.8 km
Type: Linear


Ricote Valley Trail Network

Several routes